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A Quick Overview Of Instamate

March 7, 2016

Are you an Instagram user? Instamate is unique because there is no other web based software application able to search for the most popular material and videos on this platform. You can use this software application to take your otherwise natural reach into numerous thousands of audiences in a really short time. There are presently over 400 million users going to the site every day.


There are a lot of people on Instagram. Numerous millions of users share more than 70 million images every day. In addition, nearly all of the very best brands worldwide are included on this platform. A lot more notably, the engagement rate of Instagram surpasses the engagement rate on Facebook by more than 58 time and is a tremendous 128 times greater than Twitter's rate. This clearly enables far more list building and consumer conversion.

Why are many marketers lagging behind and not hopping onto Instagram?

The factors may be multifold. Some can be:

1. Instagram posts can not be made from a computer. You need to make use of a smartphone to publish onto Instagram.

2. Posts can not be arranged in advance even when you make use of the advanced app on iPhone. It is frustratingly manual.

3. The complexity of handling multiple accounts is a major deterrent.

4 - You require other software application or apps to modify your images, as well as keep track of the trending topics on the site.

5. The need to go through restarted trial and error in order to learn what works best.

Instamate can offer options to all these problems. It is offered as a real "all in one" option for finding, growing, and ultimately taking advantage of rewarding Instagram patterns and specific niches. All that is required is for you to enter the hashtags, niche or keywords. The software application tries to find content with the possible to go viral in the future by taking a look at its past history. Once it locates the content, you can quickly publish it.

There's an immediate editor built in to Instamate. This does definitely help you to get rid of your Instagram advertisements, so that you can conserve cash and make more profits. You can then publish or set up the content to be published at specific times, and numerous accounts can be managed with a single click of your mouse. Instamate is your best alternative for Instagram on auto-pilot with its distinct set-and-forget features. It does away with your Instagram advertisements, assisting you to conserve money and increase your profits.

Without all of the tension of managing multiple apps or worrying about pesky cell phone limitations, the full power of the marketing capacity of Instagram will be instantly at your fingertips with Instamate. This app works 24/7 in order to publish material that is the most viral on the internet for you.

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Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Instagram websites are very popular with all people of all ages, gender, backgrounds, etc. That said, many business owners use them in order to market products and services to their current and their potential customers. If you want to make the most of your Instagram marketing campaign, there are a few common mistakes you will want to be sure to avoid.

Paying For Useless Followers

Paying for followers may seem like a great way to grow your page, however it's not as efficient as it may first appear. The other reason behind this is that many of your customers may be interested to following pages that many like following. The main problem experienced with this method is that most Instagram sites have algorithms that keep track of visitor engagement. Less engagement will translate to limited promotion by the site, this will mean that you have incurred for meaningless names on your page.

Trying Too Hard

Overselling will not help in anyway to increase the profits of your business. Your visitors aren't going to be interested if you're only sharing advertisements, promotions and the likes. Your audience is going to find your interaction more appealing if you engage them with useful and unique content vs trying to urge them to buy something. Doing so will help increase customer loyalty which in turn increases sales.

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